Royale Toilet Cleaner

Royale Toilet Cleaner is a specialized cleaning product designed to effectively clean and disinfect toilet bowls, removing stubborn stains, mineral deposits, and germs. Here’s how to use it properly:
1. Preparation: Before using the toilet cleaner, put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from potential irritation and contact with germs.
2. Flush the Toilet: Start by flushing the toilet to wet the inner surfaces, making it easier for the cleaner to adhere to the bowl’s sides.
3. Apply the Cleaner: Squeeze or pour the Royale Toilet Cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl, ensuring the product reaches under the rim and covers all stained or soiled areas. Follow the usage instructions on the packaging for the correct amount to use.
4. Scrub the Bowl: Use a toilet brush to scrub the entire bowl, paying special attention to stains and hard-to-reach areas under the rim. The cleaner’s formula will help to loosen and break down the grime and stains.
5. Let it Sit: After scrubbing, allow the toilet cleaner to sit in the bowl for the recommended amount of time specified on the product’s label. This dwell time allows the cleaner to work effectively on tough stains and germs.
6. Flush Again: Flush the toilet again to rinse away the cleaner and the loosened dirt and stains. Use the brush to give it a final scrub if needed.
7. Cleaning Frequency: For routine cleaning, use the toilet cleaner as part of your regular cleaning schedule. However, if your toilet is heavily soiled or has tough stains, you may need to repeat the process or use a more concentrated application.
8. Storage: Always store the toilet cleaner in a cool, dry place, away from children and pets. Keep the container tightly sealed to prevent spills and leaks.
Remember to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer on the product’s label for the best results and to ensure safe and effective use. Proper use of Royale Toilet Cleaner will help maintain a clean and hygienic toilet while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria.


HCL, LABSA, Phosphoric Acid, Acid Thickener, Color and Essence.

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